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Binaural ECM (18 Mar. 2010)

Binaural ECM

"Binaural ECM" is a binaural electret condenser microphone made with Panasonic WM-61A. The WM-61A is well-known omnidirectional mic cartridge as superior cost performance and its sound quality. This ECM needs at least 2V power to work, but usually digital recording equipments have power supply mode, so by using recorder's power this "Binaural ECM" works fine (easy to use). Buffalo Soldering has made 3 tyeps of "Binaural ECM" so far. One is "DISCERN" which is headphone type binaural mic, "JONAS.R" which is canal type binaural mic, and the other is "LINKWITZ" type binaural mic which is 9V power version invented by Mr.Linkwitz. Ask Buffalo Soldering, BTO available($35~120).

How to make your own "Binaural ECM"

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