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The Endless Seasons (30 July. 2010)

The Endless Seasons

"The Endless Seasons" is an experimental ambient project by Pascal Savy and Toshikatsu, who worked together on creating music and lacquer incense cases. All tracks have been produced by Pascal Savy, upon conceptual propounding by Toshikatsu and long-distance communication between London and Tokyo. The incense cases have been designed and hand-crafted as a quadtych (series of 4) over a year period. This release explores the concept of Japanese seasons within the realm of imagination, and their instrinsic absence of absolutes.

mastered by Christopher Leary at Melograf Mastering

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01. Watching Dew
02. Sunlit Cloud
03. In Fading Light
04. Colours of White
05. Endless (bonus track)

"The Endless Seasons" High Quality Flac (with bonus track) available on the Bandcamp.

Sample Track
Watching Dew - Pascal Savy by fieldnoiserecords

Contact :
http://www.staticsound.net/ (Pascal Savy)
http://www.dibidibi.net/ankoku/ (Toshikatsu)

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