29/10/2010 Deepvoice - Dream Sequences

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Deepvoice - Dream Sequences (29 Oct. 2010)

Deepvoice - Dream Sequences

Dream Sequences is a ritual ambient by SHINICHIROA with the voice-sine wave generator his dedicated craftsman made by hand. The DEEPVOICE has sampling IC and Carolyn Fok read novel for feeding "deep voice" in it. The novel "The Dream Controller" had been written by Carolyn when she was a little girl in 1977, and grown Carolyn has been reading it...the confusion about time brings us to the world of sequential transience dream of life, RIN-NE-TEN-SEI.

mastered by Pascal Savy (http://www.staticsound.net/)

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01. Dream Sequences I - RIN
02. Dream Sequences II - NE
03. Dream Sequences III - TEN
04. Dream Sequences IV - SEI

Dream Sequences was made with the DEEPVOICE which is voice machine (http://www.dibidibi.net/ankoku/). The DEEPVOICE consists of 2 boxes, one is transmitter which has voice input and sine wave generator, another has receiver-loudspeaker (7W) which has reverb in it. Toshikatsu made only one set of the DEEPVOICE and decided he would not sell it.

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